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My name is Mei Van Walleghem, and I’m your partner in health. Together we make sure your body and mind are functioning optimally, so you can achieve what you really want in life. Ready to get started?

Get in touch Let’s chat! Available for coaching from March. Book now!
Available for coaching from March. Book now!

My name is Mei Van Walleghem, and I’m your partner in health. Together we make sure your body and mind are functioning optimally, so you can achieve what you really want in life. Ready to get started?

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Mei lives true to the lifestyle she teaches, a feat that very few coaches can claim. When she talks, people listen. And well they should, for Mei knows her stuff.

—Dr. Douglas Graham

Yummy plant-based food

Fruits and vegetables exist in all colours and tastes. Everyone can find something to their liking in this huge variety. I am convinced that an eating pattern based on juicy sweet fruits and fresh vegetables is most optimal.

Let’s get back to basics – it makes things more easy to boot. You don’t need to count points or hunt down rare ingredients. Just fill your plate with a lot of tasty plant foods.

No strict rules here. Within a few simple guidelines we search for a practical approach that works with your lifestyle and preferences.

Fuel for your body

A body fueled by healthy food, craves movement. And if you turn exercise into play, you can enjoy it as well. While one likes a recreational frisbee game in the park, others want to improve their marathon time.

Play does not exclude performance. Just look at kids, who get totally involved with winning a game.

With the right fuel you get the most out of your body, resulting in optimal performance. That way we can fine-tune and reach your goals.

Sustenance for your mind

Changing behaviors is usually not a simple thing to do. Think about the habits you tried to steer in another direction, only to get right back to the starting point.

We make choices constantly. If you claim responsibility for your choices, it doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as you can truly stand behind them. This goes for the emotions you allow yourself to have, the products you use, the environment you live in or even the people you hang out with.

With an honest sparring partner for support, you take conscious control of your own life.

What do you want to achieve?

About Mei

Health is a tool that allows you to do the things you really want to do. It has to be self-evident. I let my health – physical as well as mental – work for me, not the other way round. No strict rules, but result-oriented guidelines within which I can do my thing. Experience is the best teacher. Paired with knowledge it forms a golden combination. That is what I have worked on for the last 10 years in terms of food, exercise and personal development.

Dr. Doug Graham is my mentor when it comes to a plant-based lifestyle, Drs. Rick and Karin Dina my most esteemed teachers. Chef Alicia Ojeda showed me the ropes in the kitchen during a month long internship. I also worked together with Karen Knowler and Chad Sarno.

In the meantime I have been coaching athletes for over 16 years, working with both recreational and competitive jump rope enthusiasts. In the field of personal development I'm trained and educated by experienced people such as Paul Martinelli and Steve Pavlina. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.

My positive results did not go unnoticed, as I was getting more and more questions and inquiries. So in 2008 I started my blog (in Dutch). But as it turned out, there was even more interest than I had expected. People are clearly searching. That is why I like to use my knowledge and experience to work together with you towards your health and succes.

What can I do for you?

Every day I meet entrepreneurs, athletes, parents and managers, who are searching. Health-wise they are in need of a clear path. Is something challenging you, where you feel you could use some guidance? I would love to chat and figure out what I can do for you, no strings attached. Book your free introduction below. Want to know more about my approach?


What to expect?

I like to keep things simple. Leave me your message and contact information, and we’ll schedule a Skype or phone call. Within a fifteen minute chat, you can voice your needs and get a clear picture of how I work. Afterwards, I’ll make you an offer for a personalized trajectory.

What I do?

I can give you valuable feedback about your current lifestyle and help you implement healthy habits in order to reach your goals. How?

  • We analyze where you are now and where you want to go,
  • work on a strategy to bring you from A to B,
  • look at what tools you need to make that happen
  • and turn those conclusions into a plan with concrete action steps.

I will be your sparring partner along the way. I’ll help you with information, inspiration and guidance.

What I don’t do?

As I take on the whole picture, I do not work therapeutically on specific medical conditions. The implementation of a healthy lifestyle does however play an important role in resolving health issues. If need be I’m happy to refer you to (para)medical professionals to give you the best possible support.

More questions?

Feel free to contact me at with any questions specific to your situation.

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